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Q: What will I need to rent?

A: You may be asked for references, first month's rent, last month's rent and refundable security deposit.  All new occupants will be required to sign a standard rental agreement.

Q: Will I need to pay first, last month's rent and refundable security deposit before I can move in?

A: Depending on the situation, we have a flexible payment plan for which you my qualify.

Q: Can I expect my security deposit to be returned?

A: Our goal is to always return your security deposit.  It's good for you and good for us! After moving out your apartment will be inspected, any repairs required beyond normal wear and tear will be deducted from your security deposit, and the balance of your deposit returned within 30 days.  Should repairs exceed the amount of the security deposit, the owners reserve the right to utilize all legal avenues to gain reimbursement for repairs.

Q: What about pets?

A: Cats are allowed.  No more than 2 cats per apartment.  Unfortunately, due to insurance restrictions, no dogs are allowed.  To have cats an extra NON REFUNDABLEpet deposit of $500.00 will be due before moving in.

Q: I would like to rent with a roommate, do we both have to be on the lease?

A: Yes, both roommates must be named on the lease, should one person move out the remaining renter will be responsible for the total rent.  If  a roommate joins you after moving in, his/her name will be added to the lease and he/she will be jointly responsible for all months remaining in the lease.

Q: What if I wish to continue renting after my lease expires?

A: At the end of the initial 12-month lease, signatories to the original lease may continue to rent on a month-to-month basis.  Residents are required to provide a 30-day notice prior to moving out.  Failure to provide such notice will result in the forfeture of the "last month's" rent paid at at the time of the original lease. 

Q: is parking available?

A: Yes, Timothy Place was constructed with ample parking for all residents. While there are no designated parking spaces, each 2 bedroom apartment will be allocated 2 resident parking spaces.  1 Bedroom apartments will be allocated 1 resident parking space.  Residents exceeding these limits are subject to towing at the renter's expense.  Residents are encouraged to be courteous when guests utilize parking at Timothy Place.

Q: Are there noise restrictions?

A. We have constructed Timothy Place to minimize noise pollution, however should a resident receive multiple complaints about excessive noise or other disruptive behavior, we reserve the right to nullify the lease and ask the resident to make other housing arrangements.